Membership and By-Laws

Open membership to anyone in the San Antonio area

Your membership fees help keep our neighborhood’s most valuable asset, The Harmony Hills Cabana Club, up and running. The HHCC board continues to find ways to cut expenses, as well as looking into capital improvements that must be made as an ongoing maintenance program (resurfacing the pools, resurface tennis courts, etc.).

The membership dues have not been raised since 2005. Your Board of Directors augments the membership fees by holding garage sales, Bob's Burger's sales on Friday nights and renting the pool and clubhouse for private parties. YOU can help us keep your dues in check by contributing to these events.

Online Membership Application

Membership Application PDF


Membership dues statement for calendar year 2018 were sent out in the fall. All returning members will receive 2 free guest passes (recorded on your sign-in record) upon renewal of membership. (a $10.00 value)

Annual dues are based on household sizes:

1 person - $205 per year / $211.15 online payment option

2 persons - $310 per year / $319.30 online payment option

3+ persons - $380 per year / $391.40 online payment option

For returning members, dues are made payable by May 1 of each year.  If dues are not paid in full by this date, the following late fees will be assessed without exception. Members with outstanding balances may NOT use guest passes or enjoy party discounts.

If not paid in full by:
Late fee assessed:
Memorial Day
June 1st

July 1st

We accept credit cards (via Square with $5.00 convenience fee), check or cash.

Thank You for your Referrals!!

Guest Fees

Our guest fees are now $5.  If you reside in the Harmony Hills boundaries, you are allowed one (1) visit per year (with a paid member) under the guest program -  to continue to use our facilities you must become a member. In addition, guests of members (who do reside outside of the HH boundary) will be limited to 6 (six) visits this summer, after which they will not be allowed to enter unless they become a member.  *Out of Town visitors may (with advance notice) be registered and pay $15.00 per person per week - some exceptions on individual basis, approved by Board*

 Pool Parties

If you want to have a pool party, the guest fee is $5 per person (non-member) and you must pay a $25 non-refundable deposit (paid 3 days in advance ) in order for us to reserve your spot and tables for you and hire more guards. To schedule your pool party - please call 342-5872 to leave your information. We will return your call confirming the date. *Please note, until a deposit is paid no date will be held.* For more information, please check with the front desk, during swimming season.  Email to set one up.

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