What dates will the pools be open?

Splash Day was on Sunday, May 28th, 2017 when we opened full time for the season. When school is back in session, (August 28) the next phase is to be open only on weekends, due to lifeguards being in class.  Last year, the pool facility closed the third weekend in September.

Regular pool hours

Tuesday - Sunday 2:00pm - 8:30pm
Pool is Closed on Mondays.
Hours may be adjusted according to volume, if necessary.  We will close the pool during hazardous weather situations.

What dates will the tennis courts be open?

The tennis courts are usually always open for play except for repairs, cleaning and maintenance. Paid members who wish to play when the facility is closed will be issued a key to the tennis gates. Click Here to E-Mail the Club if you are requesting a tennis key The Cabana Club reserves the right to randomly check players on the grounds for proof of membership and/or paid guest fees.

Does family membership include everyone living in the household?

The Cabana Club restricts the membership to the people inhabiting a single-family residence.

What is the fee to bring a guest?

The regular guest fee to the swimming as well as the tennis facility is $5.00 per day per person. There are weekly rates available that are specifically tailored for out-of-town visitors who are guests of regular members. You may NOT bring a guest that resides within the borders of The Harmony Hills neighborhood. HHCC supports the property values of Harmony Hills and therefore should be supported by active membership in HHCC.

What about out of town visitors that I want to bring in as guest or guests?

The Board of Directors has set up what we feel is a fair procedure for out of town guests.  There will be a $15 per guest per week charge for out of town guests.  If a large group is visiting we will work with you on the fee.  A Board member may make an adjustment to this fee in order for this to not be a great burden for you.  All out of town visitors MUST be registered at the front desk in advance.  We reserve the right to verify residency of guests through their driver's license.  

Is it possible to go to the pool and pay an entrance fee without paying membership fees?

The Harmony Hills Cabana Club Swimming and Tennis Facility is a membership semi-private club. A person may use the facilities only as a guest of a full member or by being a full member.

I don't swim. I only play tennis. Are there Tennis-Only memberships?

Currently, no.  We will be addressing this and working on a Tennis-Only membership over the next few months.

I don't play tennis. I only swim. Are there Swimming-Only memberships?

Family Memberships are for the intended use of the entire facility.

Does membership give us access to use of the club house by reservation or do we have to pay for it?

Due to heavy demand, all Club House use must be reserved in advance. Paid members receive preferential consideration and (at least) a 30% discount on room rental (depending on number of days requested and demand for that time period).

I'm a single male, 37 years old. Is the Cabana Club Membership rate for a single person the same as the family rate?

No, please refer to the rate structure.

Where do my membership dues go?

  • In recent years several other nearby community recreation facilities have abandoned the membership basis because of declining membership versus the cost of operation. Our charter is specific in the use of the property. Any deviation would result in the loss of the facility. Membership dues pay all of the expenses.
  • The Harmony Hills Cabana Club Recreation Facility qualifies as a membership semi-private club. Unlike a public or municipal facility, we do not have to allow everyone access. Additionally, if standard rules of conduct are not followed, membership can be revoked.
  • Unlike most neighborhood recreation facilities, The Cabana Club maintains a staff of certified lifeguards who are assigned to watch the pools and supervise the grounds. Parents can relax knowing someone is always watching.
  • Unlike many neighborhood pools, The Cabana Club maintains the highest standards of hygiene and water quality in it's swimming pools.
  • Our members think the membership fee is a value. Many members point out that membership prices barely covers the chlorine costs in a small back-yard pool ... let alone the electricity, water and cleaning costs! Another suggests that the taxes alone on a backyard tennis court would far exceed that. Still another member compares the fee to one day's expenses for a family at a San Antonio theme park!
  • So ... We ask you to join your neighbors at the Cabana Club! You can have it crazy or have it quiet! Enjoy a game of tennis or volleyball, shoot a few hoops, have a picnic or just lay by the pool!. The Harmony Hills Cabana Club is a safe and fun spot to enjoy the San Antonio good life!

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